Contact Details & Directions


Tel: 01329 834016 (Mainly answerphone, not monitored daily)

Text/WhatsApp: 077 8755 7408 - (Due to a poor signal, voice doesn't really work on this one)

Available Hours are:

11:30am - 6:30pm Monday
11:30am - 6:30pm Tuesday
11:30am - 6:30pm Wednesday
11:30am - 6:30pm Thursday
11:30am - 6:30pm Friday

Although vehicles can occasionally be dropped off or collected outside of these hours by arrangement. By arrangement, I mean that you have to let us know first by eMail, not just turn up at 8am and hope that someone will be here. They won't be unless you tell us first.

Please include your chassis number (VIN) if at all possible as we can look your car up on a database that will tell us what engine, trim, date of manufacture, and any other variations it might have and that'll save us asking lots of repetitive questions that you might not know the answer to!


Whitehaven Workshop
Trampers Lane


Please click on the map for directions to the village from your location and greater detail. Please note that using satnav or another mapping system and our postcode will get you close, but not close enough to find us... So, please use our directions.